Luxury Cars

Upon request, we will gladly provide you with one of our luxury level taxis.

Comfortable Mini Vans

Mini-vans are available for extra (up to 6) passengers, extra luggage, or oversize cargo. Call for rates.

Air Conditioned Vehicles

Mississauga By Laws require all taxis to be equipped with air conditioning.

Wake-up Calls

Out of Town Flat Rates

Quiet & Comfortable Ride

Priority Parcel Service

Call for flat rate quotes on all priority mail and parcel delivery throughout Ontario.

Niagara Tours

Call for rates to Niagara Falls and other tourist destinations.

GPS Enabled Dispatch

Advance Bookings

Wheelchair Accessible Vans*

Call to book wheelchair accessible vans at regular taxi fares.

Battery Boosts*

Call us for faster service-$20.00 per boost.


Commercial and Institutional Charge accounts